For the LOVE of Portland!

Bikes, brews, & bridges. Waterfalls and wildlife. Hillside hikes. A coast to the coast. Partial to food carts. A real sense of community. Surf and snowboard on the same day. An urban oasis with some hot walkability scores. Offroad, ATVs, mountain roads and coastal dunes. Salmon runs and marathons. If Portland is your relocation match, I’m your go-to real estate broker for everything Portlandesque. Let’s connect and chat about the things that you enjoy and I can match you with the right neighborhood and the perfect home.

Here in Portland, we know how to charm our visitors. We do this so well that some decide to pack up their belongings and secure a permanent Portland mailing address.

That’s where I come in. My name is Laura Sonnenberg and I’m a Portland real estate agent who loves exploring the city alongside my clients and helping them discover their residential soulmate, or dream home.

You’ll find that I work in a way that allows me to make the buying process less stressful without compromising on service. In other words, I’ll make sure that you’re still smiling when I hand you your new keys.

If you’re ready to plant new roots and see what this awesome city has to offer, now’s the time.

So, for the love of Portland, let’s find your new home!